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This time the conversation with the spouses Irma and Igor Ogorevc, who are among the best researchers in the world in the field of naturopathic medicine, took place shortly before their departure to the USA. As many as three owners of large hospitals there are interested in their way of working.

Last Monday, we again visited the successful company AS AN, d. o. o., known for the Planet of Health brand, which our readers are already familiar with. We initially exchanged a few words about the therapy I am receiving. “Will I ever be healthy again?” – “Absolutely yes.” Do you know what the cardiologists said at the conference in Budva? All patients with heart disease have at least five other places in the body where there is inflammation and they are not treated. It is a system that is sick, more in one place, less in another,” explains Ms. Irma, adding that the problem with the official health system is that patients with chronic non-communicable diseases (!) are not treated holistically. What’s more, they make them even sicker by prescribing them various synthetic drugs, which the body perceives as foreign and reacts to them, or defends itself with inflammation.

Be careful what medicines you take!

“All side effects of medicine are nothing more than the result of additional inflammation caused by this foreign substance. Therefore, the number one law is that if you regularly take any synthetic pills, you have no theoretical chance of ever being healthy again. No one can dispute that,” adds Mr. Igor. “You mean cholesterol pills and the like?” – “Yes.” How will you treat cholesterol?” Mrs. Irma asks me. “Someone has to break down these fats so that they can be excreted through the digestive system, because there is no other way. But if you eat this pill, it first goes into the portal vein (pregnant vein). This is where it combines with the food and fat you eat. Fat may be broken down, but what effect does this new, third substance, which is created from it, have on the body? Who will cleanse the body of this third substance, which goes into the blood and creates congestion, and later also other diseases? This damages its own mechanism that produces enzymes – that is the pancreas,” clearly explains Mrs. Irma, reminding that the body just stops producing substances if we add them artificially with pills. “The brain records everything in the blood.” – “So are cholesterol pills very toxic?” – “Very. They have such side effects that we can die from them.”

Dangerous proton pump inhibitors

“Is there any medicine that doctors prescribe as if it were candy?” Mr. Igor says: “First of all, there are proton pump inhibitors (it is a protein transport system, also important for the secretion of gastric acid in the gastric mucosa, op. p .), colloquially speaking, these are heartburn pills. Some time ago ranital was very popular. It was full of television, you could get it without a prescription. But then it was recalled in 2019, as it was found that it causes cancer.” At the same time, he shows the official document of the EU recall. Is there any talk about it? No! If you prevent the formation of the correct pH of stomach acid, you have no theoretical chance of your digestion ever functioning properly. This is the highway to all other diseases,” explains Mr. Igor, noting that doctors prescribe these pills in large numbers. “People who regularly take these pills are literally destroying their health,” he adds. “This is a thermal reaction, resulting in greater acid production. Too much heat stimulates the action of the gland that produces acid. Reflux occurs. This stimulates the pancreas, but at a certain moment it runs out of enzymes, as it cannot constantly produce them. All this then goes from the intestines to the portal vein and to the liver, where all these poisons are filtered in the blood. All of a sudden, you can severely damage your own liver. You can also simultaneously damage the stomach, pancreas, bile, small and large intestine, give birth, have an abortion… It is a systemic damage to the internal organs,” explains Ms. Irma, adding that all of this can lead to serious illnesses. “And how do you stop the acid?” I’m curious. “It is necessary to cool the stomach. But if you eat animal protein (meat, meat products, milk and milk products, eggs and egg products), you can’t refrigerate it. Because if you eat animal protein, the stomach has to make a lot of stomach acid. Therefore, it is necessary to consume food that does not cause an excessive reaction in the stomach, that is, that does not need acid for decomposition. That’s why we have to eliminate all proteins from the menu for a certain time, so that we don’t make acid, and slowly the entire digestive system recovers – pancreas, liver, gall bladder, small and large intestine – because the entire abdominal cavity is inflamed.” And another interesting thing for those who have had their gall bladder removed – they have the original blood problem, the gall is fourth in line. “First come the stomach, pancreas, intestines, and only then the liver and gallbladder.” Planet Health recommends oil no. 56, which blocks excess bile. If it is not blocked, this is the path to disease, as bile constantly flows into the intestines, duodenum and constantly causes inflammation.

Doctor’s or patient’s responsibility?

Prescribing the aforementioned drugs is “pure crime, ideally covered by the law,” adds Mr. Igor. “Why? Because the doctor is not legally responsible for the well-being of the patient. He is only responsible for making the diagnosis and following the prescribed protocol based on the diagnosis. Whether this protocol is useful for the patient or not is of no interest to the doctor and he is not responsible for it either before the law or before the patient. We have even gone so far as to write down side effects on the instructions for taking medicines, and by law each patient is responsible for them, not the doctor who prescribes the medicine and asks him to take it.””How, please?” Look, if I take any medicine and side effects occur, and I go to the doctor and tell him that the medicines are not right, they should pay me compensation for the damage caused, the doctor tells me that I am responsible for taking them.” But does the doctor prescribe medication?” – “Yes. Therefore, all side effects are written in the instructions. As soon as you take the medicine, you automatically agree to it. You know what we hear from people, I mean especially the elderly. They go back to the doctor, and he tells them back, saying, why are you reading this, because it was not written for you.” And we come to the essential point: “Every month, by law, each of us pays a certain amount for health care. The doctor is thus paid with my money and should be responsible to me for my money to help me feel better, to cure my illness. Unfortunately, this is not the case in practice. In practice, the doctor is responsible for my money to the pharmacist and the Minister of Health, who prescribe harmful pharmaceutical things. Therefore, a doctor is only responsible under the law if he prescribes the wrong pharmaceutical products,” explains Mr. Igor, emphasizing that he is talking about doctors in Slovenia. They can lose their license if they do not prescribe, for example, statins (medicines against cholesterol) to their patients, even if the patient would be better off taking a different route. When I explicitly ask if we can write about it, he nods and says that this debate should be launched in public, because it is a great truth that cannot be denied. “The only way this will stop is for someone to offer people something to help them. Which will be good and effective. And only in Slovenia does a doctor lose his license if he also practices alternative medicine. Elsewhere, this is regulated by law,” adds Mr. Igor, who has a master’s degree in public health, which is why, as he says, he is a credible interlocutor on this topic. “The Hippocratic Oath says ‘primum non nocere’, first do no harm, but the doctor breaks it as soon as he prescribes such a medicine. Let anyone deny this if they can,” he adds.

Cooperation in the USA

At the time of publication of this article, the Ogorevcs are visiting the USA, where they have organized and confirmed meetings with three owners of large hospitals from different American states. They are very interested in how and what they do at Planet Health, and they want to learn about it. They also have meetings organized with the California Naturopath Association, which has more than 500 members, and a zoom conference with more than 100 doctors from the US. And what is most important: within the framework of the UN University (ECPD), the Ogorevac couple will organize training on their methods – in this way they will sign an agreement or contract on cooperation with the American university there. Let’s add that as many as four top universities are interested in cooperation. We will report on all this when the Ogorevac couple return home. Let us remind you that with their natural method, they helped the famous American para-athlete Rod Hutchins so effectively in a few days that after many years of many diagnoses and severe pain, he was finally able to live a normal life, which we also wrote about recently.

With their natural method, the Ogorevc couple effectively helped the famous American para-athlete Rod Hutchins.
(Photo: personal archive of R. H.)

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