Candida problems? Together we make them easier

Candida (lat. Candida albicans) is a type of fungus that is harmlessly present in small amounts in the mouth and intestines of all people. However, problems arise if candida multiplies too quickly and uncontrollably and enters the bloodstream, where it can spread throughout the body.

Most often, symptoms such as fatigue, malaise, indigestion, white discharge, fungi on various parts of the body, allergies, inflammation, dermatitis, etc. it does not associate with candida, although this fungus can be the cause of health problems.

When our gut microbiota is out of balance, candida problems arise. This changes with changes in the intestinal microbiota – e.g. with the use of antibiotics, poor nutrition – it starts to spread and multiply rapidly. Candida growth is further stimulated by a diet full of processed carbohydrates, refined sugar, yeast, alcohol and dairy products.

At Planet Zdravja, candida problems are effectively alleviated by using Kandidol oil and Oil 45, which contains natural eugenol, which effectively relieves candida problems. Oil Kandidol is intended for external use – lubrication, while Oil 45 is intended for oral use, 2 ml 3 times a day. The simultaneous use of both products works synergistically, so the effect is even better.

If you have or suspect that you have problems with candida, we recommend that you book a holistic body examination using the thermoregulation method in one of our branches. Together we will try to find the cause of your problems and begin to relieve them in a natural and painless way.

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