Our knowledge also resonates in the USA

In the month of July, the founders of Planeta Zdravja were officially located in Houston, an American metropolis located in the state of Texas, in the United States of America.

There, they taught their body method to their American partners, where with the body thermoregulation method they are already achieving top results in the field of health problems, or health improvements.

In Houston, they have been successfully working together for several years with Kathleen Mcgowan, a clinical consultant and Doctor of Divinity, who has been successfully working as a naturopath and nutritionist for 40 years, and who years ago supplemented her knowledge with the method of thermoregulation, with which she has effectively helped an extremely large number of people.

It was at this time that Kathleen was in contact with Mr. Rod Hutchins, a former top athlete whose flagship sport was the triathlon. In a very short time, he underwent five operations, which did not bring improvement, as the gentleman was almost immobile, breathing only with the help of oxygen, which was supplied to him 24 hours a day.

When medicine gave up on his rehabilitation, he turned to Kathleen, his last hope of survival. Air transport was organized from Idaho to Houston, where he was received by professors Irma and Igor Ogorevc, among others. After talking, explaining their approach and therapy, Mr. Hutchins decided to give their therapy a try. The results of the therapy were extraordinary…

You can find a more extensive article at demokracija.si in localnews8.com.

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