How does the therapy work?

Planet Zdravja therapists use a method called Thermoregulation™

Planet Zdravja therapists use a method called Thermoregulation™. Thermoregulation™ is a way of naturally correcting body functions. The Thermoregulation™ method is not a medical activity.

What is ThermoregulationTM?

Thermoregulation is the organism’s ability to maintain body temperature within certain limits, even when the temperature of the environment is significantly different. It is a process of homeostasis that maintains a dynamic balance between the amount of heat generated, received and emitted. If the organism is no longer able to maintain normal body temperature and it rises significantly above the normal value, overheating occurs. The opposite state, hypothermia, occurs when the body’s temperature drops below this value. Maintaining a constant body temperature is extremely important due to the normal course of biochemical reactions and the optimal functioning of enzymes and hormones.

The deviation of the body temperature from the normal value gives us accurate information about whether the chemical processes in the body are correct.

Why Thermoregulation™ works?

It is necessary to understand that the body constantly strives for the correct balance. Organs and glands play a key role in maintaining balance. The latter need the right amount of nutrients and heat to function properly. If the balance of the body is disturbed, we can get sick. Symptoms are signs of disease caused by a physical imbalance in the body. When the natural balance in the body is disturbed, the body temperature rises or falls.

A deviation in body temperature indicates the cause of the symptoms. The body is a natural organism that recognizes and accepts only minerals and other components of natural origin. Synthetic ingredients are not recognized by the body or does not understand, therefore all synthetic ingredients irritate the defense mechanism and thus create side effects.

By measuring the body temperature at strategic points of the body, it is possible to determine which nutrients the body lacks and which are too much. This causes an imbalance.

By offering the body the missing nutrients or we remove their excess, correct the balance in the body and increase its natural resistance. This allows the body to heal itself in a natural and lasting way.

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