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Some of the most common questions from our customers

The reading is done by a computer program based on very accurate measurement of changes in body temperature at 5 different places on the body (neck, both armpits and navel). This is the latest technology that is also used in the framework of the Russian MIR space program.

The price of the consultation is EUR 35.00. This price includes an analysis of the body's functioning with the ANESA device and a consultation with our therapist, who will explain the condition of your body in detail and answer all your questions.

All consultants have a medical education (doctor of medicine, senior nurse or technician, graduate pharmacist, nutritionist).

No, unrefined, unfiltered, cold-pressed oils do not cause cholesterol even with increased consumption.

This is desirable, but not necessary.

Yes. All our centers and therapists are equally qualified.

No, our services and products are self-pay.

Yes! The CAUSE of health problems is always found. This is most important, because only if we know the cause, we can fix the problems permanently!

Yes, Planet of Health oils can be consumed one after the other, the order of consumption is not important.

Yes, you can drink a glass of water, other drinks are not recommended.

Yes, oils consumed by drops can be mixed in the same glass of warm water.

Yes, Planet of Health oils are not medicines, they are food and can be consumed at the same time as medicines.

No! You must consult your doctor about medicines!!

Yes, you can. But the fact remains that the effect of the oils is much stronger if you stick with it

Yes, allergies are possible, but they are very rare. In the vast majority of cases, there are no allergies to oils, even if you are allergic to the nuts or seeds from which the oil is made. The ingredients are always listed on the product packaging.

You can, but the expected effect will be less.

No, Planet zdravja oils are consumed only for as long as the body function does not improve or normalize. This is determined during a check-up or after feeling better. You can consume them for longer than recommended, but it is not necessary or advisable.

No, not all of them. However, all Planet of Health oils are 100% naturally produced and completely preservative-free.

Regardless of the quality and scope of our examination, regular visits to the doctor are still necessary. Planet of health is not part of the public health system and is not a health activity.

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