3 steps of the Planet of Planeta zdravja

With three steps to perfect health within the reach of one call

1. step

inspection and measurement of 131 square meters

2. step

determination of body condition and advice

3. step


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Step 1: Review and measurement of 131 parameters

  • non-invasive blood test
  • the measurement takes from 3 to 12 minutes
  • immediate analysis result

Each therapy begins with a non-invasive blood test. This is made possible by the ANESA blood count analyzer, which performs a comprehensive examination of the body’s condition in 3 to 12 minutes. The device reads 131 biochemical, hemodynamic and immunological values ​​of the organism. The examination is performed with five microprocessors, which are distributed throughout the body. Based on the results, we can perform a complex and extremely fast analysis of the organism.

The examination does not require blood sampling and is harmless to all people, including pregnant women. The analysis can be performed several times and thereby monitor the progress of the operation

zemlja zdravja

Step 2: finding out the condition of the body and advice

  • the connection between the measurement and the origin of problems with the body;
  • determining the cause of health problems;

The basic principle of operation of the ANESA analyzer

The operation of the ANESA analyzer is based on the flow of blood in the body and on the effects of the chemical reactions of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon on the flow. Temperature changes determine how active chemical elements are due to the influence of nitrogen compounds, hydrogen bonding and changes in the oxygen solubility coefficient.

Namen pregleda je ugotoviti spremembe v sestavi krvnih elementov in stanje na koncu kemičnih reakcij, ki uravnavajo porabo kisika in oddajanje ogljikovega dioksida v telesu, kar vpliva na koncentracijo beljakovin in lipidov v celični membrani. Glede na to, da analizator ANESA temperaturo meri s pomočjo optičnih senzorjev, je pregled za pacienta popolnoma neškodljiv.

Operation of the ANESA analyzer

The ANESA non-invasive blood picture analyzer works on the basis of temperature measurement at biologically active reference points on the human body. The data is then computer processed.

To determine the condition, we use the following bioactive or reference points:

  • bifurcation of the right and left carotid arteries (two points),
  • right and left armpit (two points),
  • navel area (one point).
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Step 3: Therapy

  • 100% natural oils;
  • easy and pleasant to enjoy;
  • adapted diet;

After determining the state of the organism, the therapist suggests therapy to restore the body’s balance.

Planet zdravja®

Under the Planet zdravja® brand, we sell exclusively natural products, without preservatives, grown and produced in a completely traditional and natural way. In this way, we preserve all the information of nature, which the body understands and accepts without negative effects. By consuming Planeet zdravja® products, we increase the body’s strength and enable psychophysical health to reach the highest levels.

To achieve the best results of the thermoregulation™ method, it is recommended to start with the recommended diet without meat and dairy. This reduces unnecessary stress on the body and speeds up its recovery.

After the end of the therapy, it is recommended to continue the recommended diet. It is important to keep the balance of the body and not burden it with old food that the body was not able to digest and metabolize before the therapy.

After a certain period of time, we suggest a re-examination or control, where the new state is compared with the previous one and changes are noted. Controls are repeated until all problems disappear.

zemlja zdravja

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