Stomach and intestinal problems | How and what?

Problems with the stomach and intestines are one of the most common health problems, as these are problems that, in severe or mild form, already plague more than 2/3 of the adult population, which is an extremely high number. The fact that these problems also occur in younger and younger people is also worrying.

There are several causes of these problems, but one of the main causes is definitely improper diet. The fact is that the quality of the daily diet is extremely poor. There is too much fast food on the daily menu – i.e. pre-prepared dishes, there is too much food prepared by overheating oils (where trans fats are produced, which we have already talked about and will continue to talk about), the use of animal proteins – i.e. milk and milk products, and meat and meat products, the daily meals contain too little cooked, vegetable-based food. Along with the quality of the diet, the eating schedule is also questionable – meals are irregular, due to the fast pace of life, too much time passes between meals, so we often eat them too late, so our body uses energy at night to metabolize nutrients instead of rest, and the quality of sleep deteriorates. So, instead of resting and full of energy, we wake up sleepless, often bloated and constipated, tired and nervous due to poor sleep, as a result, our eating regimen will be disturbed that day as well, so we start spinning in a vicious circle. Improper functioning of the digestive tract means improper functioning of the whole body.

In addition to an improper diet, problems with the stomach and intestines are also affected by insufficient exercise, stress, and often severe side effects due to excessive, improper and uncontrolled use of synthetic drugs.


  • GASTRITIS OR INFLAMMATION OF THE STOMACH MUCOSA – and associated problems such as bloating, nausea, weight loss, sore throat and bloating.
  • REFLUX – a condition accompanied by extremely unpleasant heartburn, acid reflux, cough, bad breath, chest pains, as well as impaired sleep quality, which is proven to be one of the consequences of reflux disease.
  • IRRITATED INTESTINES AND INDIGESTION – an extremely unpleasant problem that most of us encounter to a greater or lesser extent. Difficulty defecating, frequent need to defecate, presence of pain during defecation, irregular stool structure. Improper functioning of the intestines significantly contributes to the development of all autoimmune diseases.


Based on many years of experience, we advise customers to use our product Olje 10, a product that has already helped an extremely large number of users in Slovenia and around the world. Olje 10 is the result of our own knowledge and 25 years of experience, as well as cooperation with top doctors and researchers from around the world.

Oil 10 is a clinically tested product that contains 3 ingredients: Soybean oil, which is a rich source of vitamin E, tocopherols and has the unique property of binding toxins from the body. Laurel oil, whose anti-inflammatory action has been known since the times of ancient Greece, has a positive effect on the intestines and digestion, and at the same time effectively removes toxins from our body, relieves inflammation, and also effectively soothes and strengthens sleep. Larch oil is a natural antioxidant and has a positive effect on our immune system. So each of the ingredients has extremely useful properties, but combined together they work synergistically and in this way have an even better effect. Oil 10 has extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties, which we achieved with a special recipe, production under a specific temperature and pressure and, of course, using the highest quality and completely natural ingredients.


Stomach problems begin when inflammation occurs – gastritis – and this is the result of excessive temperature in the stomach. Our organism works like nature – when temperatures are too high, then a fire occurs, the same applies to our body – when certain parts of the body are overheated – then inflammation occurs, the same applies to the stomach. This is called gastritis. After consuming Oil 10, the inflamed, overheated stomach cools down in a few minutes, becomes warm, not overheated. It cools down to a suitable temperature. Stomach acid production subsides and flows normalize. The inflammation of the stomach calms down within a few hours and in this way the small intestine recovers and the large intestine restores peristalsis. Digestion is also regulated in this way. Therefore, we recommend it to people who are plagued by problems such as: belching and acid belching, reflux, increased stomach acid, indigestion, bloating, abdominal pain, stomach cramps, weight fluctuations, skin problems, and also to people who have problems with autoimmune diseases. The occurrence of autoimmune diseases is often the result of improper functioning of the intestines.


With the knowledge we have at the Planet of Health, we also prove the connection between certain parts of the skin and internal organs. Oil 10 is extremely effective in relieving problems with a sore throat. For this type of problem, in case of an inflamed and sore throat, apply Oil 10 twice a day to the skin of the forearms of both hands and in this way quickly and effectively reduce pain and inflammation. When Oil 10 is applied to the skin, it immediately combines with the epidermis, penetrates all layers of the skin and passes into the subcutaneous tissue. That is why it is often recommended to women who suffer from breast inflammation. Oil 10 extremely effectively relieves inflammation and extremely reduces pain in inflamed breasts, so we highly recommend it to all women who are plagued by these problems.

If you have problems with digestion and stomach, we recommend that you order a comprehensive body examination using the thermoregulation method in one of our branches. Together we will try to find the cause of your problems and begin to relieve them in a natural and painless way.

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