Pain in muscles and joints

Today we will write a few words about muscle and joint pain, that is, a force of unpleasant problems that complicate our quality of life and prevent us from performing everyday tasks, even the most basic ones. Pain makes it difficult or prevents us to move, and lack of movement leads to new problems.

Many times, however, these pains are also present at night, they shorten the quality of our sleep and in this way also affect the quality of our psychological well-being – without a sufficient and quality amount of sleep, our brains do not function properly and are not able to solve the problems to which they are exposed on a daily basis.

The main reasons for pain?

Along with age-related wear and tear of bones, joints and muscles, there are still many reasons for problems and pain in the lower back and legs – from insufficient movement, irregular and jerky movement, to forced posture – too much sitting, static work with a single posture, physical exertion, often contributes to the pain improper diet containing excessive amounts of milk and milk products. Such types of pain are also caused by medical conditions such as sciatica, hernia, prolapse – slipped intervertebral discs, and pain is also the result of undetected inflammations in the body.

In many cases, the incorrect electrical conductivity of our body or skin is also responsible for this. In many cases, we notice that people have an incorrect temperature of the skin and other organs, and exactly incorrect temperatures prevent or make impossible the correct electrical conductivity in our body. When temperatures are too high, our body is in hyperfunction – that is, it works too much and burns out, but when temperatures are too low, the body is in hypofunction, which means that it works too little and cools down. In both cases, there is an incorrect electrical conduction in our body, which causes the entire nervous system to malfunction, which also includes the sensory nerves with which we react to pain through the skin. In our practice, we take into account the fact that there are nerve endings and receptors in the skin that bring information from the skin to the nervous system. This information is electrical impulses. When the skin is too warm or too cold or has the wrong PH – it is too acidic or too basic, then the electrical conductivity in the skin is also disturbed. This means that our central nervous system is not getting the correct information, nor can it send the correct information back to the skin and the cell.

How can we help each other?

In the Planet zdravja branches, we help our customers maintain the correct body temperature and thus the correct electrical conductivity by applying the Energy tonic extra solution, a completely natural product that effectively helps to regulate body temperature, thereby enabling the correct electrical conductivity of our skin and thus to a unique and a completely natural way to relieve pain.

Energy tonic extra is applied to the skin of the entire body twice a day, and can be applied to painful areas several times a day. Therefore, it enters our organism through the skin – our largest organ, and we do not burden internal organs such as the stomach, intestines and kidneys with it, as we do with synthetic painkillers.

We recommend it to all people who suffer from muscle and joint pain, people who suffer from rheumatic diseases, as well as people who are recovering from serious illnesses.

If you have problems with joint pain, we recommend that you book a comprehensive body examination using the thermoregulation method in one of our branches. Together we will try to find the cause of your problems and begin to relieve them in a natural and painless way.

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