Igor and Irma Ogorevc, laureates of the congress of naturopathic medicine

The purpose of this visit to the company AS AN, d. o. o., known for the Planet of Health brand, was the presentation of two award-winning studies that the owners of the company, Igor and Irma Ogorevc, presented at the recent 7th International Congress of Naturopathic Medicine in Paris.

Last Tuesday was a very hot day, so it should not be surprising that a person sweats after just a few minutes of walking in the sun. “You are dehydrated,” company owner Igor Ogorevc kindly reminds me at our first meeting. He brings me a glass of lukewarm water to which he has mixed a little sea salt. “Cheers. Literally.” Just a few minutes after drinking the salt water, the sweating subsided. “Dehydration means a lack of salt in the body, not a lack of water. And a person who sweats excessively means that he does not have enough salt in his body. This is the basic law of chemistry – all elements bind to salt, to sodium chloride,” Mr. Ogorevc explains to me. “But it’s true that I use very little salt myself,” I tell him. “Bad mistake. The biggest health mistake I can afford,” he replies, adding that dehydration occurs if a person does not have enough salt, so the body loses water because it has nothing to bind to. “And an even greater mistake is that a person who sweats excessively drinks a lot of water. This washes you out even more. What is the first thing a dehydrated person gets when they arrive at the hospital? An infusion – salt water – to save his life. And there is hydrochloric acid in the stomach. These are the basics of physics and chemistry that medicine has forgotten.” He adds that a sufficiently hydrated person is less tired, and the electrical conductivity of the body is also better.

About naturopathic medicine

On the shelf I notice the book China Study, which I highly recommend reading to the readers of Democracy. “This is a superb book that should be read by every doctor, every healthcare professional, every healthcare worker, every naturopath or anyone who wants to take care of themselves.” , which I will mention below. Igor’s wife Irma Ogorevc also joined the conversation. Both are professors at the School of Evolutionary Naturopathy, natural medicine therapists, and so on. i. health coach for functional nutrition and quantum medicine therapy. As they said, and as our readers already know, they are also working on a doctorate in the field of public health at the UN University (ECPD). Public health is the most abused institution in any country. “And that needs to be fixed,” says Mr. Ogorevc. During the conversation, I learned a lot of interesting and useful things, such as the fact that the best oil for stomach and indigestion is soybean oil with the addition of larch and laurel essential oil.

Well, the original purpose of this visit was to tell the readers that the Ogorevac couple are recipients of prestigious awards. “At night, we returned from the 7th International Congress of Naturopathic Medicine in Paris,” says Mrs. Ogorevčeva, emphasizing that it is not about naturopathy, but about naturopathic medicine. “They have a doctoral school in America. We know that there are several types of medicine – Chinese, Indian, German – and this is naturopathic medicine.” The goal of naturopathic medicine is holistic treatment – that means mind, body and soul. It aims to treat the root causes of the disease – not just stop the symptoms.

Prestigious awards

Mr. Ogorevc says that there were more than 400 participants from 55 countries at the mentioned congress. “It’s a closed system,” adds the lady. “We were chosen among the first eleven best researchers in the world. My work was rated as the second best, and my husband’s as the seventh.”

The Ogorevac couple developed and made two studies that are extremely interesting for the whole world. The first study is interesting if radioactive radiation were to occur for any reason. With it, the body is purified in a few months and is no longer radioactive – it no longer contains radioactive cesium, strontium and iodine. “The body is clean and defends itself. There is no need to fear the harmful consequences of radioactive radiation,” explains Mr. Ogorevc. “Not even the one that occurs after radiation from cancer in the hospital. All the elements remain in the patients and these people die from excessive radiation.” There is a natural, effective solution. “Iodine?” – “No! Potassium iodide is harmful to the thyroid gland! Iodine is an end product of the thyroid, to which iodides must be added in order for the thyroid to make it itself. The body is like a factory, so you can’t add the finished product to the body. Because in this case the immune system detects that it has enough in the body and stops production. And if you add potassium iodide, you stop the functioning of the thyroid gland,” explains Mr. Ogorevc.

Another award-winning study, which was reported by Mrs. Ogorevčeva at the aforementioned congress, is a study for recovery after covid-19 and for recovery from problems due to vaccination after covid-19. “This is a comprehensive scientific study in which we proved, together with doctors, that the vaccine against covid causes inflammation of blood vessels, or the so-called i. clots. That’s why the most common consequences are strokes and heart attacks.” Let’s say that Mrs. Ogorevčeva graduated in the immune and lymphatic system, breast cancer and bone metastases. “From the most difficult topic,” he adds. Thus, with their targeted, natural products, the condition after covid-19 as well as the condition after vaccination against covid-19 can be corrected quickly and effectively, without side effects. “It is known that viruses thrive in a hypothermic body, and bacteria thrive in an overheated body. Energy is the body’s ability to nourish the inner walls of blood vessels through blood. And if you have inflammation there, food cannot be absorbed. As a result, you have fewer features every day. Antibiotics do not help with viruses. For viral inflammations, the cure is good circulation – thus a good cleaning of the blood cells – and zinc.

Body analysis and therapy

Mrs. Ogorevčeva tells what our readers already know, that they help people with various health problems with a special, completely natural and non-invasive method. It is a special apparatus of the ANESA brand, manufactured by a Ukrainian institute, and it is state-of-the-art – it is also used in space flights, as it analyzes the blood without interfering with the body, and the results are identical to those obtained in a laboratory. They also participate in the development of this analyzer themselves. They place temperature gauges at five strategic points on the body (the measurement takes three to 12 minutes) and the device, with the help of a computer program, turns the data into an extensive blood picture, which displays as many as 140 biochemical, hemodynamic and immunological values ​​of the organism; you practically get a comprehensive overview of the state of the body. Namely, temperature is much more complex than most of us imagine, and accurately measured at five reference points of the body tells practically everything about its internal balance. Then follows a conversation with a therapist who will advise you on therapy. Above all, it is about very precise nutritional instructions, and if necessary, you will be “prescribed” or also advised any of their products, which are all natural and without side effects. Finally, let me add that I myself underwent an examination and received therapy. To my surprise, the analysis confirmed what I had been feeling in my body for some time and about which I (unsuccessfully) pointed out to my personal doctor some time ago. More on that probably next time. Readers of Democracy can order a review by calling the toll-free number 080 88 10 or by e-mail: info@planetzdravja.com.

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