Thermoregulation™ is based on the method of thermoregulation.

Termoregulacija™ temelji na metodi termoregulacije.
Thermoregulation™ is based on the method of thermoregulation. It is the science of heating and cooling the body. Our body is constantly burning calories and as a result generates heat. This process is influenced by internal and external factors. The deviation of the temperature from the normal body temperature gives us accurate signs of whether the processes in the body are working properly or not. This is the case with any process that depends on heat.
Why does the thermoregulation method work?
First of all, we must understand that in order for the body to function optimally, it constantly strives for the correct balance. Organs and glands play a key role in this ongoing process. Organs and glands need the right amount of nutrients to function properly. If the balance within the body is disturbed, then the body shows symptoms. These symptoms are signs of illness caused by physical imbalance. When the natural balance in the body is disturbed, the body temperature rises or falls. A deviation in body temperature indicates the reasons for the symptoms. The body is a natural organism, so it can recognize and accept only minerals and other components of natural origin. Synthetic ingredients are not recognized by the body and they create side effects.
By measuring the body temperature at strategic points, it is possible to determine which nutrients we lack and cause an imbalance and as a result show symptoms. By offering the body the missing nutrients in the form of oils, the balance in the body and its natural resistance are corrected. This allows the body to remove the cause of problems and diseases and allow it to heal itself in a natural and lasting way.
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