10 things to consider if you're considering a holistic method

It's a good idea to think about all the factors before deciding on a holistic method.

If you are thinking about improving your well-being with the Planet Health method or any other company, think about:

  • Make sure that the therapist makes a diagnosis based on a holistic body analysis before the therapy. This ensures that the exact condition of your body will be determined. There is always a conversation with the customer.
  • Make sure that the therapist will be able to methodologically understand the obtained results and directly relate them to the possible causes of your problems. All therapists are medically educated and trained in the method of thermoregulation.
  • Make sure the company providing the therapy has a good reputation.
  • Make sure the method and therapy is scientifically supported.
  • Make sure that the means used do not cause unwanted or side effects.
  • Make sure the positive results are immediate.
  • Make sure that the analysis is not based on the subjective interpretation of the therapist.
  • Make sure that the analysis allows you to track even small changes, so that you can monitor progress and performance even in short time intervals. The analysis can be repeated several times in a row.
  • Make sure that the method allows you to measure the condition multiple times to ensure reliable measurements and a good average result.
  • Make sure you can see the difference before and after using the method.
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