The lungs depend on the pancreas

It is good to know that the lungs are directly dependent on the pancreas. “That’s a fact. The Chinese have known this for several thousand years, but in our country ignorant people still laugh at what we say,” warned Igor Ogorevc, owner of the company AS AN, d. o. o., known for the Planet of Health brand.

During the last conversation about New Year’s resolutions, Mr. Ogorevec and I also talked about current acute health problems, among which are undoubtedly respiratory infections. He says that people who cough or have a long-lasting cough are given an oil to drink, which soothes the pancreas. After a day or two, the cough subsides.

About antibiotics and the immune system

I myself got over one of the respiratory infections during the recent holidays, and I treated the bacterial inflammation with antibiotics. “Antibiotics are a great thing, but they’re only temporary help. The antibiotic has only one task – it kills certain bacteria that develop in the body because they have good conditions for development in the body, where there is inflammation, because it is too warm. Antibiotics are not permanent help,” warns Ogorevc, adding that antibiotics saved his life sixteen times because he had pneumonia so many times. “Antibiotics are an invaluable medicine, but unfortunately they do not remove the cause of inflammation. Covers the effect perfectly. That’s why we can’t talk about holistic treatment, because it’s not.” He says that different types of antibiotics kill different bacteria. “If there are serious infections, the first thing to do is an antibiogram, or a laboratory swab test for bacterial infection. And a responsible doctor does this before prescribing antibiotics to the patient,” warns Ogorevc. “But what does the blood test show?” – “It only shows inflammation, but not which bacteria are in the body,” he replies, adding that after taking some prescribed general antibiotics, my temperature dropped because there was less inflammation. I was wondering if anyone with similar problems to mine – severe strep throat – should look at their digestive system to see how their immune system is doing. “Absolutely. Our health comes from the state of the digestive system.”

The immune system is mostly in the gut

Let’s remember that bacterial inflammation develops in a warm environment, and viruses in a cold one. Mr. Ogorevc therefore gave me a teaspoon each of their oil 14 and oil 79 to drink during the conversation; the first is made from cold-pressed poppy seed oil with the addition of cinnamon essential oil. It is a well-known fact that cinnamon can decisively contribute to better sugar metabolism and better functioning of the immune system. The thymus is a very important gland of our immune system. Its malfunction is reflected as occasional, short-term pressure in the sternum. In this way, the body tells us that we have disorders in the functioning of the immune system. Oil 14 quickly and effectively relaxes the function of the thymus and in this way effectively contributes to a better functioning of the entire immune system and to a more correct metabolism of sugars. Oil 79 is cold-pressed almond oil with cardamom essential oil. Cardamom oil is used in natural medicine against digestive problems, against diarrhea, against acids, it protects the mucous membranes. “We repeat that more than 80 percent of the immune system is in the gut. This is where everything comes from – both bacterial and viral infections. It’s all just a matter of PH and temperature in the body,” reminded Ogorevc, asking me why during the flu and cold season 60 percent of people get sick, but 40 percent don’t? “Because for these 40 percent of people, the immune system works as well as it can. And the thing about the immune system is how it responds and defends against bacterial and viral infections. Unfortunately, the logic of medicine is now turned upside down – we don’t have too many hospitals, we have too many sick people,” Mr. Ogorevc has been warning for a long time. “Too much histamine, a substance produced by the immune system, occurs when the body is too warm and this causes allergies.” That’s why their oil 1 (essential oils of laurel, eucalyptus and lavender) is a strong support for the stomach, lymph nodes and immune system and an invaluable aid in all forms of allergies. I drink a few drops of said oil in lukewarm water. Then I take a few drops of Oil 21, a traditional Ayurvedic oil that soothes the pancreas, three more times. “Six reserves are cooked in coconut oil.”

The cough really subsided after only a few minutes, and I also passed out a couple of times. “His stomach is on the mend. You have now eliminated the cause of your problems. You covered the symptom with the antibiotic, the temperature dropped, which is positive, but with our products, the regeneration of the body was shortened from three weeks to a few days. Now you will cough, which one will go out. This is only produced as a result of inflammation. Catarrh occurs to protect the mucous membrane from acids. This is the protection of our immune system. And this is what cardamom does, our oil 79,” explains Ogorevc clearly.

Stress is body language

In January, most people are also very stressed. “First of all, it is necessary to define what stress is. We are always under stress when we want something or when we set a goal and know that we will not reach it. Stress is just body language, it is a response of the physical body. And people who are under stress are either depressed or hyperactive, there is no intermediate variant. In any case, the production of hormones and enzymes is disrupted,” Ogorevc explains, adding that because of this, every psychological reaction is also a result of the functioning of the physical body. “This has been proven a thousand times over. It is clear, however, that it is more profitable to prescribe sedatives or pills. At the faculty in Bari, for example, there is a biopsychoquantistics course taught by dr. Petti and where the German scientist dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer proved with magnetic resonance how every cancer is the result of a certain conflict in the brain. This is not a fiction,” says Ogorevc, explaining to the layman why the psyche is a reflection of the functioning of the physical body. “Where is the psyche created? In the brain. And these work on the basis of hormones and enzymes that they get through the blood. And if the body is too warm, we have too many hormones and not enough enzymes. Such people who are too warm are called hot-blooded – they react quickly, are full of emotions, aggression, because they have too many hormones and need to release them. But those who are too cold are depressed – whatever may happen will not move them an inch. It’s all a matter of body temperature and body function. Therefore, the psyche depends on the functioning of the physical body – as much as the production of hormones, this is how our psyche works,” Ogorevc explains.

About autism and obesity

“We are in Belgrade with Dr. Dunjić and dr. Stanišić conducted a large study, with which we proved exactly that all autistic children also have constant inflammation in the digestive system. Everyone in turn is overheated, everyone in turn has indigestion and the result of this is the psyche. Always. Every psyche is the result of the functioning of the physical body,” reminds Ogorevc. “Now it’s fashionable to say autism, it used to be called cretinism. Why does cretinism arise? In most cases, it is caused by a lack of iodine, a certain mineral that is essential for the functioning of the thyroid gland, which is responsible for the functioning of blood circulation. If there is not enough of this element, the thyroid does not work properly and the blood circulation is disturbed. Even the brain of the fetus in the mother’s body does not develop properly if it does not provide it with a sufficient amount of iodine. This is an indisputable fact,” continues Ogorevc’s explanation, adding that the number of diagnosed autism is increasing, which is the result of inflammation and excessive functioning of the immune system. “There are already many serious studies in which it is proven that the number of people with autism is growing in parallel with the increased number of vaccinations. How was vaccination used to be? You were vaccinated against several diseases, but now the child gets vaccines for I don’t know how many diseases in one ‘shus’. And what are children vaccinated against today, look at NIJZ. Such a child cannot be healthy if he is vaccinated in this way – this causes hyperfunction of the immune system and this represents the development of the disease, nothing else,” Ogorevc is convinced. Finally, I was also interested in whether Slovenian men and women are overweight. “It depends on who we compare ourselves to. But it’s sad that when I looked at the statistics, I saw that children and youth are getting fatter and fatter. This is all due to improper nutrition. When we went to primary and secondary school, how many were fat then? There were a few of them, and even those were those who were not fat because of food, but had some sort of thyroid dysfunction and were an excess event. Now look. Half of them are obese, not extremely obese, but overweight. And this trend is getting worse. This should be an alarm for public health,” warns Ogorevc. “They write about it, but what if they write next to it that they should eat more eggs, meat and drink milk every day. Disaster!”

Z Igorjem Ogorevcem se je pogovarjala Petra Janša. Foto: Freepik, Polona Avanzo.

With Igor Ogorevc spoke Petra Janša. Photo: Freepik, Polona Avanzo.

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