Igor Ogorevc, health expert: “People are as healthy as their intestines are”

Let’s start the conversation with some practical advice for our readers. What do you advise them in the current weather conditions? What should they use to strengthen their resistance?

When the body is too cold, we are exposed to viral infections, and when the body is too warm, we are exposed to bacterial infections. The logical consequence of this is that viruses are not treated with antibiotics. The task of antibiotics is only one – to kill certain strains of bacteria. And if there is no bacteria, it has nothing to kill. Therefore, antibiotics are not effective against viruses.

For comparison − we know viral and bacterial pneumonia. Doctors prescribe antibiotics only for the latter.

Exactly. In most cases, the disease is monitored until they find some bacteria, or until the body warms up so much that pneumonia is treated with antibiotics.

What about sore throats and colds?

It’s not the weather that’s to blame for getting a cold, it’s our weakened immune system. Why do only some people get colds? If the weather were to blame for everything, all the people would be sick, all the animals would sneeze, and we know that’s not true.

Why are children more exposed to infections?

Because they are more sick, acidified.

And not because they don’t have a developed immune system yet?

No (laughs). The immune system works already at birth, if the child is healthy and if the mother is healthy. This is an indisputable fact. If the immune system in newborns did not work well, they would all die immediately after birth. Where does a child’s health begin? With both parents. The fact is that the mother is more responsible for the child’s health than the father, since the child develops and grows in the mother’s womb. It is also an undeniable fact that only a healthy mother can give birth to a healthy child. If the mother is not healthy, it means that she has wrong temperatures in her body. And in the wrong temperatures, the formation of hormones and enzymes is different than in healthy people, which also affects the health of the fetus, the newborn. Why is fever so dangerous in pregnant women?

Yes why?

This is because if the temperature of the amniotic fluid rises too much, a miscarriage occurs. Everything in nature and in the body depends on the appropriate body temperature – both the formation of hormones and the formation of enzymes, correct circulation, correct pressure, correct Ph, that is, the acidity of the body – and the ability of our body to regulate this temperature.

So isn’t it true that children are the main carriers of viruses and bacteria?

This is complete nonsense. Let’s see what these children eat in kindergartens. They mostly get milk, milk rice, sorghum, yogurt, salami, and the “month” – the animal protein itself. All this acidifies the body and causes hyperfunction of the stomach, excessive production of stomach acid, which means that all further chemical processes in the intestine are disturbed.

So children shouldn’t drink milk?

Humans are mammals. And mammals in nature drink their own mother’s milk and then never again. The same should apply to humans. Cow’s milk is the milk of a foreign species and has significantly more protein than mother’s milk, the chemical composition is completely different, it has more fat and it is too strong. Women used to know that if a woman could not breastfeed, cow’s milk was diluted with boiled water in a ratio of 1:4 to 1:5. If they didn’t, the child got diarrhea from too much fat and protein and died.

This probably also applies to an adult regarding milk.


Last time we also talked about the optimal order of how to eat, but that remained unwritten. Repeat for us, please?

We need to understand how our digestive system works. If we eat a small amount of sweets before feeding, we stimulate the pancreas, that is, the production of insulin.

How about something sweet?

A piece of sweet fruit, some raisins, some not-too-sweet dessert. We are talking about natural sugars here. This stimulates the pancreas, which produces insulin and digestive enzymes, which are used to metabolize food. Without these, it makes us bloated. Then we eat salty food – the best is salty soup that suits the taste, because with the salty taste we stimulate the stomach to start working properly. Why does it have to be salty? Because there is hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Then we eat the main meal, which should preferably not contain animal protein. But if there are, they should be few.

Rice, potatoes…?

Yes, or pasta, which is our main meal. In this case, the pancreas and stomach are prepared for food much better than if you only eat the main meal. We eat something sour with it, i.e. salad, because the sour taste stimulates the spleen. If we feel good, we can also eat something mildly hot with it, because the hot taste stimulates the intestines and facilitates the excretion of stool, and at the end it is good to eat something bitter, because bitterness stimulates the production of bile. If we have enough bile, it is easier to digest the fats we eat.

What about people who have had their gall bladder removed? This order does not apply to them?

This applies to everyone, both healthy and sick. People without a gallbladder have a defect of a special kind, which in most cases leaves very cruel consequences. Maybe not right away, but definitely later.

Only doctors don’t say that.

Doctors do not make people aware enough.

Now we can also visit pharmacies, where the state health insurance company pays us for consultations, why the doctor prescribes us medicine. Isn’t that a little wrong world? Don’t we pay doctors to treat us?

This is a big nonsense. There may be a situation where the pharmacist tells you that what the doctor prescribed is not suitable for you. But the pharmacist probably won’t say that, because he can’t, because he doesn’t have these powers. This is nothing more than finding extra income for pharmacists to tell people what is already written in the instructions for use of a medicine. People should therefore read the instructions, and if they find anything worrying about contraindications in the instructions under the side effects section, they should ask their doctor why he prescribed it. So a doctor, not a pharmacist, who will charge the state insurance company handsomely for these 45 minutes, and the patient will not learn anything other than what is written on the piece of paper. This is a waste of money and complete nonsense.

What you said about optimal nutrition affects a good immune system and as a result we are healthy.

Logically. Where is most of the immune system located? In the intestines. Just as our intestines work, our digestion, or the temperature in our stomach, so does our immune system. And again we come to the fact that if we eat too much animal protein, it is because of the excessive amount of stomach acid, which is necessary to digest the protein of animal origin, that it overheats the entire digestive system and the entire body in the first phase. And if the temperature is too high, it means excessive activity of the glands and poorer functioning of the organs. Why do people who eat meat and milk feel good at first? Because this food makes them more hormones and they feel good, but it is short-lived. They heat up instantly and then cool down quickly.

Why did you start working in the field of thermoregulation at Planet Health? Because of the experience?

First of all, because of their own needs for survival.

How did you find out that the body works on the basis of temperature, thermoregulation?

The woman was employed in a hospital where the body temperature of patients was measured every day. Because some people have the head to think, she saw that the temperature of most seriously ill people was low. She asked the doctor why that was. The doctor told her that it didn’t matter, that she should write as much as 36˚C, even though it was 34 or even 33˚C. If we measure the body temperature of cancer patients in the terminal stage or a little earlier, they all have a greatly reduced body temperature. For example, in a patient with lung cancer, we can already see from the temperature in which part of the lung the problem is. You take two thermometers, put them under both armpits and see the difference. I can tell you from practice that if the temperature difference is more than 1.2˚C and if the body is not able to adjust it on its own within seven days, we have serious health problems. Where it is too cold, we have a defect. Practice showed the same in women who had cancer of the reproductive system – when we measured the temperature in the groin, the difference between the left and right side was up to 3˚C. We must know that when we measure the temperature, we are measuring the temperature of the lymphatic system, not the temperature of the blood. Under the armpit and in the groin is the center of four lymphatic branches. And the lymphatic system is our immune system, it’s our defense mechanism. Therefore, measuring the temperature only on one part of the body is superficial.

For the first force, it is probably enough to see that something is wrong with us?

If the temperature is elevated. What if it’s too low? No one reacts to this, and the pathologies are much worse in a hypothermic body than in an overheated one. Do you think that a person is only sick when they have a fever? No. A person is deathly ill when the temperature is too low.

And based on the wife’s experience in the hospital, they decided on a treatment approach based on body thermoregulation.

Exactly. I remember having constant colds as a child, and constant pneumonia after having my tonsils removed. I remember the tape they put on your forehead and it discolored. Even then I was following it without knowing anything about it. If I didn’t feel well, I would put it on my forehead and see if my temperature was too high or too low. I only realized this much later.

This ribbon had three colors, blue, green and orange-red.

Yes. With a reason. As I said, too low a temperature is more dangerous than too high. And when this body temperature measurement made sense, I started thinking about where I could go to study, because no one offers it. Therefore, we had to develop this knowledge ourselves. If we wanted to do this, we had to think completely outside the medical framework.

Why do you mostly use oils in your treatment?

That’s a good question. Oils are lipids, fats. The metabolism of fats in the human body is very different from the metabolism of other nutrients. Most fats or lipids are absorbed directly into the lymphatic system and only a small part goes on to the digestive system, where they are broken down by bile. Which means that with quality fats, we directly influence our immune system, that is, the lymphatic system, the lymph circulation. This means that the technology we use is extremely precise, the oils must be of top quality, from top quality raw materials. They must be cold pressed, unrefined and unfiltered. We have already talked about this, that any refined oil is carcinogenic, as it is trans fat. They don’t want to talk about it, but that’s the first thing to point out. Even the European Commission sent a recommendation on this. But nothing happened.

Probably not, because in the background there is a big industry, gastronomy…

It’s not about that.

Why? Do they need sick people?

If medicine wants to work, it needs sick people.

It is likely that gastronomy would quickly adapt to trends…

Really good restaurants that know the charms of cold, unrefined oils use them to their advantage, because they also come with premium spices – with this you can create taste, color, smell… Walnut oil, for example, should smell and taste like walnut, not water. If it doesn’t have it, there is something wrong with this oil. Refining removes waxes, fats, odors and dyes from the oils. Refined oil is essentially waste from the production of repro material for the paint and varnish industry. Who was once a producer of cooking oil? Oljarica Kranj, owned by Color Medvode and Helios Domžale. These were the production of waxes and resins for the chemical industry. Refined oil is the waste they give to people. This is pure abuse. It’s almost like putting burnt oil in your car, which is already its own. We are literally poisoning ourselves with these oils.

The company has developed so much in the 25 years of operation that you have reached the point where next spring you will be lecturing specialists in America precisely about thermoregulation, which we recently wrote about.

It’s true. And we are proud of it.

Maybe we can say something more about fasting. We often hear that the body must be fasted in order to purify itself. What do you think?

Fasting is a very sensible matter, but first let’s define the concept of fasting. Fasting for most people is for an hour or two, which is the time we don’t eat. The next thing is that we don’t eat one day a week, which makes a lot of sense. Some people also decide to fast for a few days, there are people who fast for a week, 14 days to 40 days as long as the great fast, when they only drink liquids. I will say this: every fast is welcome for the body. But before we decide on it, it’s good to know a few things. If we are hypothermic, fasting is not the smartest choice, because fasting does not gain calories and the body does not warm up. If the fast lasts more than four days, it is advised to do it when it is warm outside.

So in the summer.

The best. Even nature itself tells us that at that time we eat the most fruits and vegetables, i.e. light food that does not have many calories. Going into a long fast in winter with serious health problems can be counterproductive. But it is not directly harmful.

So it makes sense to find out what kind of health we are in before fasting.

Yes. And that during fasting, in addition to fruit juices and teas, we also consume certain oils in teaspoons. Why do we deal with oils? Firstly, as we have already mentioned, because they are absorbed directly into the lymphatic system and thus we can communicate directly with the immune system. There is no other way, as we can also see what is happening with vaccines. Second time. Oils are a natural source of fat-soluble minerals, and we know that most minerals are fat-soluble.

Vitamin C?

There is no vitamin C in oils. Oils also contain vitamins, but they are fat-soluble, which vitamin C is not. It is soluble in water. Oils are a natural source of vitamins A, D and K – which are fat-soluble. Any oil has these vitamins as long as it is not refined. If refined, the case is empty. During the refining process, the oil is heated up to 270˚C, which is absolutely burnt. They say that burnt fat is not healthy, but refined oil is ok. Only someone who is completely illiterate can say that.

Let’s go back to the minerals in the oils.

There are a lot of minerals in the oils, which are immediately absorbed by the lymphatic system. The body has these at its disposal here and now. That’s why the positive reaction of people who come to us is immediate – within a minute or two, people feel better. If you give the body what it needs and in such a form that it is absorbed immediately, the reaction is also immediate. Oils contain practically all minerals, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, iron, copper, silicon, but some oils have more of them, others less.

And you know how it is…

We have carefully analyzed these oils, we know which minerals are in our products and how they are available. Based on the blood count, we know exactly what the body needs and in what form. If we have health problems, it is useful to come for a check-up and not make things up by heart.

As a result, we can also fast for a longer time…


But what would a one-day fast look like?

One day we drink only water. This is ideal for the body. That’s when, in layman’s terms, the reserve mechanisms of combustion are activated, because the body needs heat, calories, combustion to function, and the body begins to take this from the reserve. This is good and useful. In any case, the person who decides to fast must always listen to his body. If he doesn’t feel well, his blood sugar drops, or he’s too tired, he should stop doing it. Don’t challenge your body. Most people who fast feel a little strange on the first day, especially in the evening when they want to eat something. The second day is already better. On the third day, our body is extremely happy and satisfied. We feel impossibly good because we don’t eat, as the body cleanses itself and uses up its reserves.

Does the body also burn bad things in the body?

Of course. Everything. This is body cleansing.

Do we only drink water?

You can also have unsweetened herbal teas. We do not recommend fruit teas due to the acidic reaction. What is essential in fasting? That even if we don’t eat, we make sure we defecate every day. If we don’t have a bowel movement, we have to do an enema or take some kind of mild laxative.

Some people, in addition to fasting one day a week, also enema once a week.


You have a lot of knowledge in Planet zdravje…

In order for my wife and I to reach the status of professor at the faculty of naturopathy, it was necessary to demonstrate a lot of knowledge, which is supported by scientific studies. We have invested a lot of time, energy, knowledge and money in this, because in the background there are also clinical trials, human testing, participation in congresses, where we published studies in order to obtain references, etc. Recently, a huge number of studies have been appearing, where the most serious universities in the world are testing and funding studies of the impact of food on the body. Here I have an example of a study from 2002 to 2006. It was a study that clearly showed that a vegetarian diet significantly reduces the incidence of type 2 diabetes. But when do we see this in practice? For example, there is also a study of how fats, lipids affect body weight, etc. In science, this is all evident, only in practice, unfortunately, it is not taken into account. The largest study of the impact of food on the body was made by ddr. Colin Campbell, who published the book China Study, to which there is no objection. Medicine and pharmacy are wise silent. Humans are created as herbivores. This is confirmed by anatomy, physiology, immunology… and if we do not take this natural law into account, we get sick very quickly. How was it in logical times? What was the role of the doctor in ancient Greece? Each village had its own doctor. He had all the honors and privileges as long as the villagers were healthy. When the disease came and he did not know how to cure it, they pushed him. How is it today? The more patients there are, the better doctors are paid. Therefore, it is not a question in public health whether there are too few doctors, there are too many sick people! This is wrong! There are no healthy people left. The result of the last fifty years of public health is that there are practically no healthy people left, or those who follow public health guidelines are all, in turn, sick. This is wrong!

Let us conclude; as we said at the beginning, health begins in the mother’s body.

Health begins several months before the conception of a child. If the mother is healthy, the child will be healthy too. And to repeat, public health begins and ends with food. Humans are only as healthy as their intestines.

The interview was originally published in the print edition of Democracy. Photo: Polona Avanzo

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