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We live in a time of great environmental pollution. The environment suffers greatly from pollution with pesticides, plastics, heavy metals… Our bodies are just part of the same nature, and therefore our bodies are heavily burdened with toxins that we introduce into the body through heavily polluted food and environmental influences. We need an extremely effective means of detoxifying the body. The body cleanses most effectively through the stomach. Only proper stomach function enables the body to cleanse completely. The correct combination of cold-pressed and essential oils enables the body to quickly and effectively eliminate toxins of all kinds from the body through the natural route via the digestive system.

  • Warning: Do not consume oils if you are allergic to soy, bay leaf, or larch!
  • Ingredients: cold-pressed, unrefined, and unfiltered soybean oil, bay leaf essential oil, and larch essential oil.

Oil 10 is a dietary supplement.

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