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Tincture 87 is a preparation that strongly affects the skin.

The tannins present in Tincture 87 create a thin layer on the skin, preventing heat loss from the skin.

Tincture 87 is irreplaceable as a skin cleanser. After application, the skin remains soft, supple, and hydrated. An ideal agent for cleansing the skin. Invaluable aid for acne-prone skin. After just a few days of use, acne is no longer painful, and after 14 days of use, the skin is clean and problem-free.


100 ml


-Tinkturo 87 mažemo na celo telo 1 x dnevno. To zagotavlja, da je telo je pretočno.
-Pri poškodbah kože takoj po poškodbi namaži mesto udarca.


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